What is Digital?

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We see digital as an opportunity to identify and capture an audience tell great stories and engage today’s highly connected customers.


Blindacre sees the digital space as an integral component for business growth and we use it to share stories and build new client relationships. Our diverse skillset of professionals bring backgrounds in marketing, design, business consultation and tech development to improve our clients’ ROI.


Inbound marketing is a combination of digital and online marketing strategies that account for each step of the customer journey. We produce marketing content that speaks to customer needs and expectations to be delivered through key digital channels for improved contact opportunities. These tactics build valuable business to consumer relationships at the right time and place. Your success is our success and we work hard to help your business be found, generate leads and drive sales.

Our Core Inbound Marketing Services Include:

  •    Personal Development
  •    Campaign Management
  •    Brand Recognition/ Relationship Management
  •    Optimization
  •    Content Marketing
  •   Social Media Marketing
  •    Email Marketing
  •    Retargeting Strategies


A brand’s online reputation is 24/7, making websites and social platforms an essential marketing tool for generating new business, raising brand awareness, and building your reputation in today’s world. Digital marketing is an Inbound Marketing practice that is used to help your business be found online with efforts right for your budget and goals.

Our Core Digital Marketing Services Include:

  •     Digital Marketing Strategy
  •     Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •     Social Media Management
  •     Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  •     Call Tracking Campaigns
  •     Email Marketing Acquisition
  •     Content Marketing
  •    Digital PR Marketing
  •     Reporting & Analytics


Blindacre’s design services are holistic, emphasizing all facets of User Experience (UX) as people interact with your brand. We take into account your business’s core messaging to deliver content that resonates with your audience in a simple, aesthetically pleasing manner.

Our Design Services Include:

  •     Creative Strategy
  •     Graphic Design
  •     Custom Website Design
  •    Branding & Logo Kits
  •     User Experience (UX)
  •     User Interface (UI)
  •     Print Design
  •     Videography & Video Development


We provide software and website development services for clients seeking to interact with their audience in personalized, unique ways. Blindacre champions the Agile methodology when developing large projects due to its efficiency in producing rapid solutions. Whether you’re a business looking for an updated website or startup seeking new software, we are here for you.

Our Development Services Include:

  •    Web Applications
  •    Website Development
  •    eCommerce Development
  •     Cloud Based Solutions
  •    Mobile Applications
  •     Integration Software
  •    Custom Development Needs
  •     Testing & Validation


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