It’s no secret that digital marketing is a remarkably complex subject. In fact, experts recommend businesses to spend as much as 40 percent of their budget on marketing depending on their size and goals.

That’s easy to say but hard to do.

One thing is for sure: every business needs a digital marketing strategy to survive in today’s world. Whether you’re an established brand or looking to get your name out there, digitalization is a must.

Not sure where to start? Here are some helpful tips for a successful 2018 digital marketing strategy.

Take a Personal Approach

Let’s face it, the world of advertising has a reputation for being cold and unattached. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, many businesses are shunning traditional “cold” forms of marketing in favor of personality-based marketing.

Showing off your company’s team and establishing your brand’s voice is a great way to create a more personal feel to your 2018 digital marketing strategy.

Consider Wendy’s Twitter account, for example.

It currently has millions of followers thanks to a focus on calling out the competition with light-hearted jabs, or directly interacting with other fast food accounts. It’s fun and effective.

People want marketing with personality these days, so give them what they want. Your business has a voice – now it’s time to use it!

Lean into Content Marketing

Okay, so people want more personality-driven marketing. But how exactly can that be achieved through traditional forms of advertising?

In short, it can’t.

This doesn’t mean there’s no place in the modern marketing world for TV or radio ads. There is – it’s just easier to reach people where they are — online.

That’s precisely why content marketing is such a great way to advertise in the modern world.

Blogs, videos, emails, and just about any other form of content can be useful in reaching your market.

Through content, you’ll reach more people while spending less money. Be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just your blog, the more places your brand is active, the better.

Utilize Social Media

Remember, marketing is no longer impersonal. It’s less one-sided than it has ever been, and this is to your benefit.

Social media is a great place to find your audience.

Use analytic tools to target your ads to the right audience. With Facebook Video, you can create video content in real time! Plus, social media allows you to interact directly with consumers.

Best of all, billions of people are on social networks. Your odds of reaching your target audience are greater than ever.

Which 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy Will You Use?

These are only three of the many digital marketing strategies your business can use. So what do you think, are you interested in implementing these?

If you’re ready to see a stronger ROI on your advertising, get in touch with Blindacre!

We offer solutions for businesses of all sizes, so drop us a line. We’d love to talk with you about how to maximize your marketing efforts.