Nearly half the world is on social media.

Odds are the majority of your customers are among them.

You know that if you want to increase consumer engagement with your brand, you need to be on social media as well.

But social media can seem like a difficult code to crack at times.

You might feel that there is a wall between you and your customers, a wall made up of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the countless other social media platforms out there.

The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to improve your business’s engagement with your customers on social media.

Read on to learn the steps your brand needs to be taking in your social media content development.

Tell A Story

Perhaps the most important piece of advice we can give you is to use your social media content to tell a story.

You don’t want your marketing to be cold, lifeless, and only driven by the facts (e.g. We sell this product for this price).

Consumers are drawn to companies with a strong narrative. If they don’t care about your story, they won’t care about your product.

One of the best ways you can get your story to your customers is through the use of social media.

Your content development team should have a solid grasp on the story you want to tell so that they can relay that story to your social media followers.

When developing that narrative, the most important thing to know is to be authentic. The only thing worse than a bad narrative is a false one.

Visual Content Development

The content you use to tell your story should interesting and engaging.

A sure-fire way to do this is to use visuals in your content.

Great visuals make each post more shareable, trendy, and interesting to your followers.

Use images that:

  1. Communicate the story you want to tell
  2. Use marketing tools such as humor and pathos
  3. Convey information in unique ways (such as infographics or quotes)

Ensure that images are a priority in all your social media content development.

Curate Your Content

Once you’ve determined the story you want to tell and the way you want to tell it, the next step is curating your content.

You can’t post similar things all the time, you have to follow trends and keep your content relevant.

This means that you cannot be passive about your business’s social media engagement. Your content team needs to be active and engaged.

If you need help in following the current trends, be sure to check out our list of digital marketing trends to look out for in 2018.

Now Go Create Content!

We hope that this simple guide to social media content will be useful for your brand as you try to reach more people on social media.

Go out there and tell your story!

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