Are you feeling lost trying to make digital marketing work for your business?

With so many digital marketing tactics, business owners can easily become distracted trying to figure out what can deliver an ROI.

For example, did you know that 76% of small businesses report that they can’t see a positive return from using Facebook?

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting potential customers through relevant content.

Read on to learn 5 compelling ways that inbound marketing can improve your business!

1. Cost Effective

Marketing costs can add up quickly. Between advertising costs, trade show expenses, and cold calling, your marketing budget and time can be eaten up quickly.

An effective inbound strategy is a type of attraction marketing that results in cheaper leads.

Rather than blasting your message out to your audience “where they are,” your business will focus on providing value upfront to learn about your potential customer to better serve them.

2. Warm Up Your Leads

Speaking of leads, an inbound strategy will bring in warmer leads and guide them through your customer journey.

Because interested leads will be seeking out your inbound marketing content (such as blog posts), they’ll be a warmer segment of leads compared to that of cold calls.

Furthermore, as you continue to create content that appeals to this audience, you can include calls-to-action that encourage leads to purchase your products or services.

3. Position Yourself as an Expert

Your inbound strategy will most likely rely heavily on content that you post on your company’s blog.

Content that educates and speaks to your audience’s needs and desires will position you as an expert and thought-leader in your industry.

Over time, this will help you build trust among customers at all levels in the customer journey.

Carefully crafted blog content, complete with keywords and proper metadata, will also improve your website SEO and increase your visibility.

4. Build Your List

Email marketing is a powerful sales platform in your inbound strategy.

Whether you’re collecting email addresses with a lead magnet or through a simple website pop up, building an email list of engaged followers is incredibly beneficial.

Once you’ve begun to build up your list, you can market to these potential and current customers at no extra cost.

5. Scalable and ROI Driven Marketing

It is often difficult to track an ROI from traditional advertising and marketing.

Your inbound strategy can be tracked through your CRM so that you can effectively market to your audience in the future.

The process is also completely scalable. Want more leads? Just create more content!

A recent study showed that companies that blog 16x per week see 3.5x more traffic than companies that only publish less than 4 blog posts.

How’s Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

These 5 factors are just a few of the ways that inbound marketing can improve your business!

What benefits have you seen from your inbound strategy? Do you have a blog? Let us know in the comments!

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