63% of businesses are using video marketing in 2018. Be sure you are one of them.

It is clear that the generation of consumers rising in the next few years is attracted to video content. It is another addition to the way marketers can reach their potential target audience.

Are you really going to continue using still images when the world is evolving to video? The correct answer should be: NO!

Here are 3 reasons why you need to implement video marketing services into your marketing strategies this year.

1. Video Increases Sales and Boosts Conversions

You have the potential to make some serious money when implementing video marketing services. The conversion rates alone prove it.

If you add a video to your landing page, you are likely going to see an increase in conversions by up to 80%. Imagine how many more sales you can get by implementing just one video onto your website. Now, what about 3 videos?

We have known for years that compelling imagery increases click-through rates and overall sales, so is it really surprising that multiple pictures compiled into a video can bring even greater results?

2. Proven To Be A Great Return On Investment

No marketer wants to put more money into a project then they get out. Having a positive return on investment (ROI) is crucial for any business to succeed.

Luckily, 83% of businesses say that they have received a positive ROI by implementing video marketing into their strategy. Many of these companies hired video marketing services to develop the video because they didn’t know where to start and what platforms to put it on.

Creating a video can take days of manpower. One thing to note is that the effectiveness of the video is driven by the content within it, not necessarily the length or the visualization.

Are you selling your services for half off 1 day only? Prepare a 15-second video that just shares the details of the deal, and then publish it!

3. Increase Your Average Daily Views

You want your company to pull up on a search engine in order to get views. Once they are on your website, watching an embedded video will increase the amount of average time visitors spend on your website.

Video can bring up your average site engine search ranking by over 53 times. This is because the longer someone is on your website, the more credible it is viewed in Googles eyes.

With Google’s recent buying of YouTube, it is no wonder that the statistics are bound to increase exponentially in the next few years.

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Video Marketing Services You’ll Love

The statistics won’t help your company unless the strategies are set up just perfectly. With the video strategy becoming more and more popular, companies are having to get more creative on how they implement it onto their websites.

With our video marketing services, we will create the strategies for you and help your experience in the space of video be one to remember.

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